Getting Started

How to get set up for the DataCrunch Tournaments (10 minutes)


The DataCrunch tournament is the legacy tournament from where the CrunchDAO adventure started. It will be deprecated to the benefit of the Datacrunch competition soon.

DataCrunch is a Systematic Long-Short Fund and a client of the CrunchDAO community.

As a participant, you will be asked to build models on DataCrunch's dataset.

Members are remunerated in $CRUNCH according to the correlation of their predictions with the stock market.

DataCrunch is paying the CrunchDAO with $CRUNCHs that are redistributed to the participant.

The data crunchers receive payments according to their position on the leaderboard.

Main steps

  1. Select the DataCrunch tournament in the hub

  2. Build your model and submit your predictions every week.

  3. Get your monthly $CRUNCH reward based on the Global Leaderboard.

  4. Don't forget to join the working community on Discord!

  5. Engage in the governance of the DAO by joining our voting platform!

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