The CrunchDAO protocol

A protocol to aggregate

CrunchDAO proposes a protocol to act as a secure, third-party intermediary to collect models and forecasts from its members for customers while preserving the intellectual property of the DAO’s members. The protocol is:

• Collecting unique and rare sets of skills, ideas, and alternative data;

• Process data to maximize the output of the participants’ models;

• Allow the community to build machine learning models upon this refined data;

• Distribute $CRUNCH from the DAO's customer to the participants for their service according to the quality of their models;

The above steps are supported by a Decentralized Science Platform in order to build knowledge incrementally.

Business operation

  • The decentralized research team produces models and predicts outcomes based on a customer dataset.

  • The models are ensembled and sold to CrunchDAO’s client.

  • Clients pay fees to access CrunchDAO’s financial services.

A governance tool

All the community members can engage in the decision process with the $CRUNCH as a vote medium. The current governance model is one token one vote.

A payment token

Some of our customers exchanged tokens for fiat in the early stage of the project to be able to access our platform. The $CRUNCH is accepted as a payment medium in exchange for the platform services (ie: Business operation).

Governance and Organization

Talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not.”

CrunchDAO’s decentralized structure allows for a truly global membership, welcoming individuals from all locations, including remote areas often overlooked by traditional centralized companies with brick-and-mortar offices.

This approach ensures that the DAO attracts the most talented researchers, regardless of their physical location. Furthermore, CrunchDAO believes that it can outcompete other financial institutions by providing exceptional opportunities for quants and machine learning experts.

Members of the DAO can earn competitive salaries on par with those in traditional financial institutions, while also enjoying the freedom to work remotely and potentially even balance other commitments.

This approach promotes a healthy work-life balance and flexibility, making CrunchDAO an attractive employer for top talent. To date, CrunchDAO has welcomed data scientists and machine learning experts from over 50 countries, further solidifying its position as a truly global community of talented individuals.

Governance model

Current organizational structure DAOs are designed to minimize central control and empower community members to take the lead in achieving goals. This results in a wider range of initiatives and outcomes compared to traditional businesses. This is what we aim to achieve.

CrunchDAO is currently reflecting a flat organization where 1 token equals 1 vote on all matters.

Full transparency does mean that 100% of the members will have access to the same level of information. However, we do not expect all members to be able to keep the pace of this stream of information and to follow and vote on technical considerations, especially in the research led by CrunchDAO.

With the token increasing in utility, we expect, indeed, an increasing number of people holding the token. This is why we expect a change to happen in the governance and future implementation of levels reflecting the stake of each member in the DAO and their experience within the DAO.


Get a very complete understanding of the CrunchDAO in our whitepaper.

It's a collaborative piece in that you can amend thanks to our DeSci platform.

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