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CrunchDAO is a research team leveraging the power of collective intelligence and Web3 to connect the data-science community with the industries where its member will get the best out of their modeling skills.

Contrary to the previous communities in data science the CrunchDAO members can get a grasp on the long-term value created by their intellectual property.

As a participant, you will be asked to build machine-learning models on the DAO customers' dataset.

Members are remunerated in $CRUNCH according to their score on the metric of each competition.

Some of the tournaments available on the DAO's platform may also propose rewards in fiat currency for extra services (ie: ADIA Lab market prediction competition and a 100.000 USD reward for sharing your code with their team)

Main steps

  1. Compete in as many competitions as possible

  2. Read the docs! 😑

  3. Build models

  4. Get your reward based on your competiton's performance.

  5. Engage in the governance of the DAO by joining our voting platform!

  6. (Bonus): Check our bounty platform to access our social and mathematical challenges

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