The Submission Code Interface

Your submissions needs to provide at least three components: imports, train(), and infer().

  1. imports: As with any script, if your solution contains dependencies on external packages make sure to import them. The system will automatically install your dependencies. Make sure that you are using only packages that are whitelisted here. It is recommended to freeze your packages' version with a requirements file, otherwise the system will install the latest version of the package, which might break your code.

  2. train(): In the training phase the users will build the model and train it such that it can perform inferences on the testing data. The model must be saved in the resources directory.

  3. infer(): In the inference function the model in the resources directory will be loaded and used to perform an inference on the Out-of-Sample.

Note: you are able to send a model directly by placing it in the resources folder. The train function can then be skipped.

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