Getting Started

How to get set up and become a member of the CrunchDAO Tournaments (10 minutes)


CrunchDAO is a research team leveraging the power of collective intelligence and Web3 to produce next-generation financial predictions.
As a participant, you will be asked to build machine-learning models on the DAO's dataset.
Members are remunerated in $CRUNCH according to the correlation of their predictions with the stock market over the following 90 days.
The CrunchDAO's customers are paying the DAO for its financial forecasts.
The data crunchers receive payments according to their position on the leaderboards.

Main steps

  1. 2.
    Download the dataset on a weekly basis.
  2. 3.
    Build your model and submit your predictions every week.
  3. 4.
    Get your monthly $CRUNCH reward based on the Global Leaderboard.
  4. 5.
    Don't forget to join the working community on Discord!
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    Engage in the governance of the DAO by joining our voting platform!

Get started now

To get you started, CrunchDAO provides a simple yet powerful Google Colab Notebook to help new participants quickly have a working version that they can tweak at their will.
Google Colaboratory
CrunchDAO quickstarter notebook
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