The Crunch-Hub

The Tournament Selector

Select the competition you want to join. We highly recommend that you join as many competitions as you can to maximise your earnings.

The Civilian's Duty

Every engagement on the DAO's channels will be logged on this graph.

Civilians' duties include but are not limited to:

  • Engage in Discord's channels

  • Engage in the governance votes

  • Complete some quests

  • Submit to the competitions/rallies

Having a full civilian duties graph for a year has been completed only by a very few members. Part of these few legends is cruncher_enzo.


Quests are duties remunerated in $CRUNCH.


All important decisions are taken by the community. It's actually part of your duty to make sure that this community stays on the right track for you, and the general interest of its members. You are expected to take governance very seriously.

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