Live Score Computation Process

Computing the live score of each day is a very computationally intensive process.

Active datasets lookup

This board allows you to visualize which dataset is currently active and scored against live data.

Live Score computation

For each primary submission, the scorer will compute the spearman correlation score between your prediction for that target (30, 60, 90 days) and what happened live.

Mean by dataset

For each dataset, your live score for this dataset is the mean of your last two submissions for this dataset.

Mean of mean

The global mean score is the mean of all your live scores over the universe of strategy. If you miss a round you get a score of -5%.


Since December '21, all round's scores are normalized to avoid some rounds having to much impact on the overall score:

Computing global leaderboard

Crunchers are ranked by their mean live spearman correlation score normalized overall strategies.

Internal Schema

Here is a schema on how the process is working internally:

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